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The great robot debate didn't happen. Or rather i did not attend. I was promised videogames in Tony and Ricky's class agreed immediately. The class had actual computers to play these games on. Oh such games.. they had game boy advanced games as well as old school computer games all on the computer. We played a game called mole quest which was odd, and I checked out Kirby, Naruto, and Pokemon from the gameboy game selection although kirby was the only one without lots of Chinese aka I could understand it. In art we made papercut outs. I made a cool face which i promptly lost. Then I went out to eat baozi, I schooled the other Americans in basketball, and finally, we had dreaded rehearsal. The warm up was torture. Point your feet into a V and jump up and down without stopping while the song John Jacob Jingle Hymer Schmidt played loudly and strangely. We could not help bursting into laughter at this sudden ridiculousness. Im in China jumping up and down with a roomful of people to this totally goofy and inappropriate song..what??! The teachers were angered by our laughter and trying to stifle it was a dreadful task. Also, I should mention the creepy thing this morning that happened. I went to McDs with Celina and Antoine before school. We were waiting in line when a short man with a hat and glasses and a tight squinty face came up to us. He asked if we were Jingshan students and we said yes. He then said something about how his little kid went there too. (Naturally Celina had taken the position of translator at this point). He then asked us if we would teach his kid English and talk to his kid in the morning everyday. We knew he mentioned a park but we were not sure if he said his kid was currently there, a strange thing if the student has school in twenty minutes, or if he wanted us to teach his kid in a park. I was by now thoroughly creeped out and we told the man we had school in the morning. He then offered the afternoon at which we said, honestly, we had dance practice. He then decided that his child was in McD's it seems. We asked where and when Celina pointed to a counter of young children he nodded at a boy with glasses and short hair. He asked for our number but after the failure to arrange a meeting he gave us his telling us to call him if we ever had time. Maybe I was being paranoid but he left in a rush without a kid. The kid he had indicated was his own was gone too but I did not see the man leave with anyone. The man's name, i guess, was Jin and we will not be calling him ever.

Posted by Maia L 06:01

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