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The Great (robot) Debate

For those of you who have not been avidly reading my blog entries (shame on you), I will explain that a few weeks, ago in my supposed "computer" class I was asked to give a talk on robots despite my lack of knowledge in that odd subject. I refused, having to do so a few times. Now I am hours away from an unavoidable robot debate which I am to participate in. Ok, so it's not that big of a deal...the discussion is in English after all, a language only I am fluent in, but I still am confused as to why this is happening. I am to argue whether robots are good or bad. I can think of many simple arguments to support their being bad, but I am afraid the students will be offended, living in a country crazy about modernization, with an education preparing children largely for lives as engineers and technicians. So we shall see how that goes....On another note I almost died the other day when my host dad decided to speed even more than usual. With every turn, the sudden deceleration gave me whip-lash, and to top this off the man accelerated into oncoming traffic. I saw the massive form of a bus approaching at alarming speeds and was sure a head on collision was about to occur. Just in time, my host father swerved into the proper lane. My heart was still pounding and my eyes still bulged moments later, but looking around no one else seem concerned. And now my thoughts will jump around as suddenly and erratically as my host father's driving. Enjoy. We saw the Forbidden City today. It was very large and open, though each area we went to looked rather similar to the previous. These spaces typically held courtyards, lots of stairs, some statues, usually lions or dragons, and a red wall with three arches to walk through into the next space. This outing caused us to miss dance rehearsals (thank the lord). I also have a test in our "English" class tomorrow. English is in quotes because we haven't really done English. History, yes, and it seems we are starting on philosophy soon. We took notes on packets of information about the dynasties in and out of class and a few of us who actually took notes, myself not included, wrote them on the board as a review for the test. Here is an example of a note for the test referring to the Tang Dynasty: " Tang-similar to han values but changed." Although amusing, I doubt this vague and seemingly contradictory if not utterly incoherent and nonsensical statement will be on my test. Oh well. Goodnight.

Posted by Maia L 05:30

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