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Looks like things are looking up for old Maia Levoy!

Not really actually. Except for me recovering from my sickness everything is pretty much the same, which is pretty good. Here are some things that may or may not have happened today: I passed a driving range called "classy golf club", A teacher who taught the literature class I have been sitting in on for a week became the groups Chinese teacher and I didn't recognize her in our first class, and I was asked to give a presentation on robots in computer class. Hint: They all happened!!! :) I will elaborate on the computer class because it was very very strange. So, one might expect a computer class to be filled with computers. Alas, in China this is not so. The room was virtually empty aside from the projector and an area for the teacher to talk. No desks, no chairs and certainly no computers. Each student had two small bins, one to sit on and one to use as a desk. I was extremely confused. The teacher then came over and asked me my name and if I spoke Chinese. Finding that I spoke virtually no Chinese, he asked if I new about robots. I said that I knew what they were. He proceeded to ask if I might make a presentation on robots. I said I did not know anything about robots. He asked me if I had seen robot movies and I said I had seen a few, but once again asserted the fact that I knew nothing about robots. The teacher nonetheless left to get me a pen and paper so I might "write notes down for my presentation". For some reason when asked about robot movies I could only think of the movie I Robot and was preparing to talk about Will Smith for a few minutes when the teacher said something strange. "Wheely, have you seen that"? I was not sure what he meant but then it hit me he was talking about the Pixar hit Wall-E. I struggled to hold in laughter and repress the urge to ask the teacher whether, aside from the main characters being robots, the movie had any relevance to robotics or whatever the hell "computer" class actually was. Wall-E is about the harm man is doing to the environment and the obesity problem. Also I had no idea what kind of information he wanted me to present. Maybe I should talk about how robots will one day take over the world! MWUAHAH. Anyway, I told the teacher I had seen the Wall-E, but that this did not change the fact that I still knew nothing about robots and could, therefore, not educate the class on such matters. I did not make a presentation about robots although the opportunity may arise again in the future. Whether the teacher was just trying to be nice and welcoming or whether he had some strange preconceived notion that Americans are all experts in robotics I will never know. I on the other hand felt a little tricked and betrayed. I was all ready to sit in the back of a room full of computers and play computer games for a period. O well. I'm in China.

Posted by Maia L 02:30

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